Welcome to the Bachelor of Science Honours in Medical Laboratory Sciences degree program at the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS), General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka. This program was implemented in 2013 and presented as 4 year full time degree course.

Advances in a series of diagnostic techniques for over recent years enhanced the development of modern medicine, and enables early diagnosis, monitor treatment and to get a prognostic value of a disease. In parallel to that the field of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) becoming very important as it is directly coordinate with the diagnosis & prevention of diseases and facilitates the accurate treatment. Presently, this vital process is being performed by Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs). They are trained for two years under Ministry of Health and awarded the Diploma. Since the present diploma training does not meet the requirement of the advanced medical laboratory diagnosis, to fulfil the gap between MLTs and clinicians, a few universities have started MLS degree programs. However, the number of graduates passing out from these universities is not enough to fulfil this gap. On the other hand the downward trend of the experimental medical research in our country comparatively high compared to the other countries in the region. As a result, it is difficult to find versatile persons those who can take responsibilities in clinical research. Therefore, the need of today is to produce many MLS graduates those who can fill this gap.

Under such circumstances General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University decided to start BSc Hons (Medical Laboratory Sciences) degree in order to address the national requirement and the course is being functioning smoothly at this moment with four batches of undergraduate students and the first batch is going to be passed at the end of 2016.



To provide theoretical knowledge, technical skills, and develop attitudes necessary to produce academically and professionally competent Medical Laboratory scientist to meet the changing needs of laboratory sciences required for global health care and in research with the highest ethical standards.



The four year degree program is designed to produce a graduate with innovative and creative and analytical skills. They are expected to perform as key persons in order to uplift the field of Medical Laboratory Science.

Medical Laboratory Science graduates of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka will,

  • have knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform laboratory tests at any medical laboratory in Sri Lanka.
  • Have the competency to interpret the results of existing diagnostic tests meaningfully.
  • be able to maintain quality standards in medical laboratories.
  • Have an ability to communicate effectively with other professionals in their work environment.
  • have a capability to train  future undergraduates in medical laboratory sciences.
  • be able to work as an independent team member by managing the time and resources.
  • be a professional medical laboratory scientist who respect other professionals.
  • to develop managerial skills.
  • be able to conduct basic and advanced research in respective fields.
  • be capable of applying their knowledge and skills to post graduate studies.
  • be expect them to engage in continuous professional development and reaching higher levels in specialty.



Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences graduates is capable of developing a career,

  • as medical laboratory scientist in state and private sector hospitals in Sri Lanka and overseas.
  • as academics in universities and other affiliated educational institutions.
  • as researches in state and private sector institutions.
  • as researchers in overseas universities and affiliated institutions.
  • as healthcare administrators and marketers in diagnostic fields.