Department of Pharmacy Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University started offering Bachelor of Pharmacy degree program in the year 2013 with the intention of producing quality pharmacists to contribute the advancement of the pharmacy profession in the country. This program is a full-time course which runs for 4 years and has forged a strong teaching partnership with the Hospital authorities, Ministry of health, community pharmacies, and local pharmaceutical manufactures. In the undergraduate period, the students will be exposed to an array of innovative learning environments with balanced knowledge and practice-based teaching. The Bachelor of Pharmacy degree is conferred upon those students who have satisfied all the credits requirements by passing the stipulated examinations and have successfully completed the research project. The curriculum is designed and continuously improved with the aim of preparing graduates who have the ability to effectively deliver outstanding pharmaceutical services to the nation.



To excel in pharmacy education towards the production of pharmacy graduates who are competent in research and practice in the field of pharmacy for the wellbeing of the society.


To provide theoretical knowledge, technical skills and to build attitudes necessary to develop competent and contemporary practitioners of pharmacy who provide exceptional patient care, participate in scientific research, and serve to improve health care with committed life-long learning with the highest ethical standards.


The four year degree program is designed to produce outstanding graduates who will lead the pharmacy profession to the future.

Bachelor of Pharmacy graduates of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka will,

  • be able to improve the quality of patient care through science, caring and humanism.
  • be able to use the acquired knowledge in the fields of manufacture, quality assurance and management of drugs and pharmaceuticals.
  • serve as integral members of the health care team with excellent communication skills.
  • be a professional pharmacist who respects other professionals
  • be able to undertake independent and collaborative research relevant to pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical science.
  • Develop cutting-edge research in pharmaceutical sciences, drug discovery, and clinical trials
  • be able to design new pharmaceutical products and formulations
  • have the ability to educate future pharmacy professionals to serve the health care needs of the society
  • be committed to engage in continuous professional development and lifelong learning