Bachelor of Science Honors in Nursing, BSc Hons (Nursing) degree has been on offer by the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS) of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) since January 2013. In the backdrop of scarcity of graduate nurses in the armed forces, the BSc Nursing degree programme was primarily commenced to produce graduate nurses to be employed at the upcoming University Hospital (UH) of KDU.

In commencing the BSc Nursing degree programme, the focus was on producing nursing graduates of highest competency with compassionate and patient centered approach to evidence based practice in nursing care through life long education and innovative research.

Though initially commenced as a 3 + 1 year programme where general and honors degrees were on offer at the end of 3 and 4 years respectively, the curriculum was later revised in line with the state universities to deliver a minimum of 127 credits over a period of four (4) years.

The BSc Nursing curriculum is designed to develop holistic approach to nursing care. The Curriculum encompasses scientific and humanistic foundation for nursing practice and enables the students to develop competencies related to prevention, maintenance, cure, rehabilitation & promotion of health.

Further, the Evidence-Based Practice is encouraged in a setting where prominence is given to research, critical & reflective thinking and problem solving skills while professional & social skills are developed to address moral & ethical issues. Student-centered learning is facilitated throughout the programme to ensure continuing professional development (CPD) and lifelong learning to reach higher levels in professional & academic life.



The vision of Department of Nursing, FAHS – KDU is to be a premier provider of nursing education and training in Sri Lanka which produces globally employable nursing graduates capable of adjusting to changing demands of nursing profession.


The mission is to develop highly skilled nursing professionals with compassionate, rational and humanistic approach to nursing care in diverse fields through education, training and inculcation of evidence-based practice, innovative research and lifelong development of personal & professional skills.


The BSc. Nursing graduate of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, KDU will:

  • use basic sciences in the practice of nursing.
  • have the sound theoretical and practical knowledge of basic clinical skills.
  • be able to perform effective communication.
  • be able to care for patients and family members with informed, compassionate and reflective skills.
  • be a part of the multidisciplinary health care team in managing patients in the hospital and community.
  • have the capability in problem solving, critical thinking, moral reasoning & clinical ethics.
  • be performing persistence research and innovation in the field of nursing.
  • have the self-awareness, self-care and personal development.
  • be a lifelong self and active learner.


A graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing programme of the Sir John Kotelawala Defence University will be able to;

  • integrate a body of scientific knowledge from the humanities & basic sciences effectively when giving care.
  • participate actively and effectively as a member of the health care team in preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative areas of health care delivery.
  • assess the needs of individuals, families and community.
  • plan and implement nursing care and evaluate the effectiveness of nursing interventions.
  • demonstrate effective and therapeutic communication skills in nursing relationships.
  • demonstrate competence in application of safe, effective and efficient use of technology and resources.
  • appreciate and enhance continuous personal and professional development of self and colleagues
  • participate actively in educating clients regarding their care in clinical situations and in the community.
  • demonstrate abilities in ethical decision making and professional practice
  • contribute to nursing knowledge through planning and conducting nursing research activities and sharing the findings with their colleagues


BSc Nursing graduates are capable of developing a career,

  • as nursing officers in KDU University Hospital, state and private sector hospitals and community health care sector etc..
  • as nursing officers in foreign countries.
  • as academic staff members in universities and other teaching institutions.
  • as researchers in state and private sector institutions.

The Accreditation of BSc Nursing Programme by Sri Lanka Nursing Council (SLNC)

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, KDU offers a 4-year BSc Nursing (Honours) degree since year 2013. Sri Lanka Nursing Council (SLNC), the professional body that regulates nursing practice in Sri Lanka, accredited the BSc Nursing Programme offered by KDU with effect from 01st January 2023 and awarded SLNC registration to BSc Nursing degree holders of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, KDU.

With this achievement, the department of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, KDU will be recognised as a SLNC accredited training institution for nursing education and thereby accepting the degree certificate awarded by KDU to award SLNC registration for BSc Nursing degree holders from KDU.