The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS) is one of the latest additions to the wings of Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU). The main focus of establishing FAHS was on improvement of health outcomes and enhanced healthcare delivery system in Sri Lanka. The FAHS had its first intake of civil students admitted in January 2013 to its undergraduate course programmes in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Radiography. 

The Bachelor of Science degree programme in Physiotherapy was implemented as a fulltime course which runs for 4 years. KDU awards a Bachelor of Science Physiotherapy degree for those who successfully complete the degree and pass the stipulated examination.

The field of physiotherapy has been identified as an upcoming stream in the Allied Health Sciences with a huge demand.Physiotherapy is a part of the health care services that develop, maintain and restore person’s optimum level of movement and functional ability. Physiotherapists assist people to maximize their quality of life along with physical, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing (WHO definition).

The Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy programme offers a dynamic approach to the study of physiotherapy and provides students with the problem solving abilities to become a competent professional physiotherapist along with research and evidence based practice. This course prepares the students to offer a high standard physiotherapy service to meet the local and international demands.  These graduates will be able to undertake a comprehensive examination of the patients, evaluate the findings from examination, formulate a diagnosis, implement a physiotherapy intervention and make recommendations for home-management.

In addition, this programme is designed to offer the Bachelor of Science Physiotherapy degree for the lateral entry students. The lateral entrants who have completed the eligibility criteria are entitled to the programme at the beginning of the 1st semester of the 2nd academic year.

At the end of the four years the graduates of this programme will be able to provide the highest level of compassionate and patient cantered care through innovative evidence based practice, education and research.  The graduates will further be able to obtain opportunities in continuous professional development and post graduate training in the field of physiotherapy.



Mission of the BScPhysiotherapy Degree Programme

To produce competent and compassionate graduate physiotherapy professionals with high skilled hands on practice, clinical reasoning, evidence based practice and analytical thinking thus leading to clinical practitioners, potential educators and researchers.


Graduate profile

The BSc. Physiotherapy graduate of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, KDU will be able to:

  • assess the patients current health condition by means of examination, to identify the extent of functional impairment and plan treatment methods.
  • carry out tasks concerning support and providing remedial intervention related to health.
  • carry out tasks concerning prevention and education related to health.
  • coordinate a patient care with physicians and other specialists and paramedical professionals.
  • take part in community rehabilitation of  patients.
  • be a lifelong self directed learner.
  • conduct research and innovations in the field of Physiotherapy. 

Scope of Employment of Physiotherapy graduates

BSc Physiotherapy graduates are capable of developing a career, 

  • as a physiotherapist in KDU University Hospital, state and private sector hospitals and community health care sector etc..
  • as a physiotherapist in foreign countries.
  • as an academic staff members in universities and other teaching institutions.
  • as a researcher in state and private institutions.