Celebration of World Radiography Day, 2016 8

Celebration of World Radiography Day, 2016

The Department of Radiography & Radiotherapy, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University organized the annual CSR project, celebrating the World Radiography Day (November 8) at Udaragama Primary School in Medirigiriya, on 21st January 2017.

A RO Filter was donated to the school. The student of the above school as well as the villagers lacks the availability of pure water and is subjected to kidney diseases. Main objective of the programme was to bridge these shortcomings in order to prevent further inconvenience. It was informed that the students are famous for being champions in the game chess. Therefore the few chessboards as well as other sports items including badminton rackets, shuttle cocks, cricket bats, balls and stumps were gifted.

Lecturers and staffs from the Department of Radiography & Radiotherapy, FAHS, KDU and the principal, staff and families of the students from the school and the radiography undergraduates from all five batches were presented at the event. It was a wonderful function, with performances from the students and speeches from the principle and a few staff members expressing their gratefulness for the valuable donation and gifts they received.

On the whole, it was a day well spent with the playful and innocent students.